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Etnaviv: Help needed

written by wladimir, on Oct 8, 2013 8:29:00 AM.

Nearly all of the figuring out has been done, and we have an OpenGL ES driver that works well on fbdev on GC1000 and below. It is being used in the GCW Zero handheld game console, succesfully rendering many games (and then I'm still in the process of squashing rendering bugs all over the place :-). However I don't have time nor will to do everything myself. This project needs developers that help with

  • GC2000 support in the gallium driver: multiple pixel pipes support is the only thing holding back basic GC2000 support
  • Integrating the Mesa stuff into DRI/DRM
  • Preparations for upstreaming the Mesa driver
  • X11 2D driver

I read all the time "I can't use etnaviv because it doesn't ..." should not forget that this is an open source collaborative project. I did my thing, now do yours. There is no point in waiting because whatever you want just won't happen out of itself.

Not knowing anything about low level graphics programming is not an excuse, because the most difficult part (figuring out the HW and writing the 3D driver) has been done. It's a good learning experience, too, and lots of fun.

FOSS Vivante driver support is looking forward to your help! Join #etnaviv on or mail me if you have questions.


  • Hi. How I can help you with X11 driver development for the vivante? I have hardware necessary for this purpose. I probably will be able to understand how the 2d driver for X11 is arranged. Things are easy. It is necessary to understand as how to use from your driver.

    Comment by Serg — Oct 12, 2013 9:50:13 AM | #